The World Economy is down in the dumps. Nations are in trillions of dollars of debt, and are even going bankrupt. In the interest of scrounging what little capital they can, the governments of the world are calling in outstanding debts; the biggest earner? Loan words.

American English has thousands of them, and now we have to give them back. We simply cannot afford to pay the associated royalties to each respective motherland, but we’ve become so attached to many of them. Rendezvous. Ketchup. Akimbo. Goober. Zombie.

Loan Words details the list of words which - as English speakers - we can no longer afford to use, and makes suggestions for replacement words and phrases. Much in the way French Fries briefly became Freedom Fries and Sauerkraut enjoyed a stint as Liberty Cabbage in hard times, we might briefly (or permanently?) lose some of our favorite words; Loan Words hopes to provide some tips for dealing with the impending shortage of colorful vocabulary.

The voice of ABCDEF is Matt Kugler.
Loan Words was recorded by Bailey Math at Terminator Smile Productions in Brooklyn.

Loan Words was written and produced by What We Know So Far: Mike Rugnetta + Patrick Davison.

Loan Words was Animated by Patrick Davison
Sound Design by Mike Rugnetta

Produced by 3rd Ward during an artist residency

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