You are doing exciting things today. But chances are that you are relying on yesterday’s techniques to get the word out tomorrow. You see, traditionally when a business or organization wants to grab headlines they hire a public relations firm to chase down media opportunities. Businesses pay good money to agencies for their efforts, and for the most part it is worth every penny. These agencies work very hard on behalf of their clients. When the media coverage comes, the benefits are huge.

The problem with this model is that it does not make sense for smaller to mid-sized businesses. Even if a smaller business can afford the fees, the process is too protracted to be of immediate benefit. Smaller businesses have one major advantage over their larger counterparts. You see, small businesses can move quickly and adapt faster to market demands. The traditional public relations process obliterates that advantage. By the time a story makes its way through the media machine it is too late.

Luckily we no longer need to rely on the old ways of getting things done. About ten years ago, David McInnis ( created PRWeb ( as the first direct-to-consumer news-marketing platform. In less than five years, PRWeb transformed the way press releases were used to distribute news. It was now possible for smaller businesses to get their story distributed directly to their audience unfiltered by the media. The press release gained rapid adoption as the go-to strategy for nimble companies and results-driven agencies.

And it was good while it lasted.

As new content-marketing techniques emerged and editorial restrictions tightened it has become increasingly harder use the press release as a news-marketing tool. Recent changes made by search engines have created new challenges and opportunities.

PRWeb founder David McInnis has a new vision for news creation and marketing. McInnis partnered with former Wall Street Journal Investigative reporter, Dean Rotbart to create a new company called Cranberry.

Instead of waiting on a reporter to cover your story, Cranberry matches you with and hires experienced journalists who research, write and edit your story. Cranberry publishes and promotes your news directly to your target audience. The Cranberry news-marketing platform uses proven content-marketing practices to gain maximum visibility and engagement for your story.

While the Cranberry process still makes room for public relations agencies at the table, it puts you squarely back in the driver's seat. With Cranberry you have greater control over your story, targeted visibility and media exposure.

We’re Cranberry Newswire ( ) – Antioxidents for your news. Make your own news today at

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