Gracie Learns To Dance is the story of a girl who leads a children's dance troupe from the leprosy colonies they call home all the way to the big stage. Performing for audiences of a few-thousand people, she seeks to slowly chip away at the beliefs that normally keep people like her out of school, out of work, and out of society. Along the way she shows us that men and women everywhere can overcome their limitations and do incredible things.

Thanks for watching the movie, guys! If you want to get involved, check out the information and links below.There is so much you can do to help. You can volunteer time or financially support efforts to fight leprosy in India, like sponsoring a child's education or maintaining the dance program. If you want to get involved, follow these links:

Rising Star Outreach:
Follow the links to Donate, Volunteer, Support a Volunteer, or Sponsor a Child
Contact info here:

Promethean Spark International:
Contact info here:

These are financially responsible programs that will use your money well. It won't go to excessive overhead. If you wan to be sure, follow the contact links and get in touch via email or phone.

Download music from the film:
"Bring the Funk" by Can't Stop Won't Stop available here:
And stay tuned for a possible free download of "Ruby Sparks" by Fresh Big Mouf.

Leprosy facts:
In the video, I state that there are one-million people in India affected by leprosy. If you look around the web, you'll find conflicting statistics, most of which are much lower than this number. Stats from reputable sources that seem to disagree are probably also accurate. Here's the reason for the discrepancy. Leprosy is caused by a bacteria and is treated with a multi-drug therapy (MDT). The MDT is widely distributed by the UN and so the number of cases of people with the active leprosy in India has sharply declined in recent years. However, for someone who carried the disease for a long time, the handicaps, physical disfigurement, and social stigma continue after the disease is cured. The figure of one-million is an estimate of the number of people living with these problems during or after infection or who are otherwise negatively affected by the disease. I chose this figure because the film is looking more at the social stigma than the physical disease. Even though none of the kids in LifeDance currently have the disease and many of them never did, their association with the disease limits their opportunities in life. The children perform to educate their country and fight the stigma of leprosy.

To learn more about leprosy in India, follow these links:

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