The hook. That’s the strongest element within a series that needs to stand out in an increasingly competitive TV marketplace. It’s that element of the story that sets up the pilot and carries the series through from week to week and into the hearts of audiences and beyond. The hook must have longevity as strong as the characters plus the pliability to evolve as the series does. So how does a series creator develop the unique hook that piques the interest of networks? How do series showrunners map out the hook across the first season, and into multiple orders? Can the hook work against you, and how do you work around it when it does? Meet these hit series showrunners who have found their unique hook and maximized its potential to make their water cooler TV shows. Moderator: Angus Fraser, Writer, Combat Hospital.

Guest Speakers
Leonard Dick, Writer, The Good Wife
Tim Schlattmann, Executive Producer, Dexter

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