“Good media governance will DOUBLE the value of your media budget. Poor media governance will HALVE it.”

The partners of ID Comms introduce our Media Productivity Audit.

The Media Productivity Audit is a multi-point check on a company’s key media management processes to indicate at a glance if and where any value is being lost and potential areas of immediate productivity gains.

We provide you with a simple audit report, which will show you:

The status of your agency service contract
The quality of the interactions between your company and your agencies (especially in briefing and evaluating work)
The transparency of financial management at your agencies
The levels of agency contract compliance and transparency
For some companies, their marketing investments can sometimes feel a bit like a leaky bucket. There are agency partners and processes in place but they could probably work much better. Sometimes it is hard to know where to start.

That's where the Media Productivity Audit helps. The simple audit quickly identifies where value might be being lost and suggests improvements in processes to save you money. This can immediately improve the productivity of your media spending, usually by around 20-30%.

The audit provides a summary report in 6 areas:

Agency Contract - We report back to you on the quality of the contract you have in place (or not) and check all the key terms are present and up to date with current best practice.

Media Briefing - We perform a quick diagnostic on your briefing templates and processes to ensure that your teams and your agencies are working together in an efficient way.

Strategy Evaluation - We review your overall media strategy (if available) and cross check this with some of the agency's recommendations to ensure media is actually being planned in line with your marketing objectives.

Remuneration - We provide a point of view on your existing agency remuneration arrangements and how these might be improved. Check out our Agency Remuneration page for more information.

Agency Evaluation - We evaluate the processes you may have in place to review the performance your agencies. If these are not in place we will advice some best practice agency evaluation techniques you might want to implement.

Compliance - We check that the agency is charging in accordance with the contract and that all rebates, discounts and un-billed media for example are returned to you as the contract intends.

ID Comms is an media management company with offices in London and Singapore. We help brands improve the effectiveness of their investments in media and communications.

We are experts at Media Agency Pitches, Agency Remuneration and Media Management.


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