On Trubarjeva cesta in Ljubljana, there is a little umbrella shop. Marija, its owner, is the last umbrella-maker in Ljubljana and the only one in Slovenia, who still makes, repairs and sells umbrellas. I was researching how does her every day look like and why this craft vanishes so quickly?

As anthropologist you often face personal, intimate barriers. For Marija her workshop was such an intimate place. When I first visited her, she strongly refused making a documentary. After visiting her for a month, talking with her about her family and work and explaining I am doing it for my research she slowly melted down and this heartwarming documentary was conceived. I am grateful to her, for letting me present her craft to wider audience than just visitors of the shop.

Film was screened on Days of Ethnographic film 2012 in Ljubljana, Slovenia and ETNOFILM festival in Čadca, Slovakia, where was also awarded with Honorary Mention (etnofilm.sk/index.php?option=com_content&task=blogcategory&id=34&Itemid=32)

Slovenian (without subs) version: vimeo.com/40233947

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