Hey there,
just bought a Panasonic LA-7200 Adapter. I wanted to test it!
This is not supposed to be a piece of art, just some test stuff, To watch how the Adapter work with my lenses!
In the end, I could only use my 85mm F1.8, because my other lenses couldn't work well with it (or I hadn't the good adapter ring)! This is almost completly shot on F2.8, some shot are in F4.
As u can see I've got some issues with the focus (and also with the stab on some shot in the car).
I'll try on daylight to see if the focus is better! :)
By the way, I was with my friend Lukasz, thanks to him I could shot some car stuff ^^

Post FX: some stab, some denoise, and a little sharpen. No grading! :)

Music is: Kollektiv Turmstrasse - Deine Distanz

Thanks for watching!!

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