Material Compulsion / 2013

Material Compulsion is a series of films produced as part of Stanley Picker Fellow Marloes ten Bhömer’s research into the cultural positioning of the high-heel.
The high-heeled woman is a complex construct, one designed for, and ultimately sanctioned to, the man-made environment. When placed (through the narrative of a film, for example) in alternative settings or when forced to walk through unique substrates, she loses equilibrium (both physically and culturally) and begins to slip, fall, sink, tumble, crawl and sweat.
The film tests depict the physical affects of a woman in high-heels walking in various materials, from coal to sand to goo, and invites the audience to consider the identity each material might impose on the woman.

Video: Shot on Phantom HD at 500 FPS 

Running time: 1:00 min

Director of photography: Per Tingleff

Art Director: Noam Toran

A Stanley Picker Fellowship Research Project (Kingston University)

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