When she is not saving animals as a veterinary surgeon, Melanie Kerschbaum is tearing up the course by swimming, biking, and running in triathlons. Don't let her fool ya, she says that she is not competitive or just "Mediocre Melanie", but you can tell that she is serious about the sport of triathlon. Now she is serious about using her race to raise awareness for Shawn's Anomaly as a part of the iDO! Fab 5.

Every 4 1/2 minutes a child is born with an abnormality in the U.S. Sadly, the general public knew very little about these conditions until Shawn's Anomaly was organized in 2012 with a mission to provide education, hope, and help to families affected by congenital anomalies.

Shawn's Anomaly aids families, educates the public, and funds medical research in hopes to reduce the statistic that 1 in 33 children are born with an abnormality. Now amateur athletes from all over the world are using their endurance races to raise awareness for the organization's mission

When Melanie Kerschbaum bought her bike to do the MS150 in 2006, she did it because she wanted to be fit like her sister-in-law and to slow down the aging process after having children. Now after several events Melanie feels she has reached several of her fitness goals and wants to put a reason behind her racing. She decided to apply for the sponsored iDO! Fab 5 endurance team, but she never expected to be selected.

Melanie received an email explaining she was selected to join four other endurance athletes from all over the nation to be a part of the iDO! Fab 5. The 5 athletes are sponsored by several national companies like Bluefin Apps, MyFitFoods, Newton Running Shoes, Champion System, and yurbuds to become ambassadors for the Shawn's Anomaly mission. Melanie chose the Gulf Coast 70.3 Triathlon (2.4 mile swim, 112 mile bike, 13.1 run) in Panama City, FL on May 11, 2013 as her Shawn's Anomaly race.

"It's a great feeling to be a sponsored athlete and feel a little bit like a pro for a while, but it's even better to feel like this one person (ME!) can help make a difference in many, many lives!"~Melanie Kerschbaum

To support her efforts go check out her story on her Reason2Race Page: my.reason2race.com/MELANIEKERSCHBAUM

For more information about Shawn's Anomaly, go to: shawnsanomaly.org

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