The Katitawa School is a project operated by volunteers and funded entirely by private donations. There are three qualified paid teachers as well. It is located in the Andean rural community of Salasaca in the central highlands of Ecuador. It provides alternative primary education to the Indigenous children of the region, focusing on a free learning environment and preservation of their culture. Adult English language classes are offered in the evening. It is now in its 15th year of operation.

I am currently volunteering at the school filming, photographing and producing a multimedia documentary for them, teaching some English classes and helping with hands-on physical work when I have time.

The love and energy of the children and volunteers is boundless. It is a beautiful and inspirng place to be working and living.

NOTE: I produced this short video to give the school coordinator Robert Jeffronds an opportunity to thank former volunteers and supporters living in the Czech Republic. The 'recycling' song is performed by some of the younger children...including kindergarten. The 'recycling progam' implemented by the children themselves is one of the many great initiatives the school promotes within the community.

The two children offering thanks are el niño Wamari (speaking in Quechua) and la niña Ligia (speaking in Spanish). Muy bonito!!

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