This is a draft first pass entry for The Essence of Tasmania. Music tbc.

After we left Gorden, I did some more filming, not really knowing how it was going to go. Jerky, non-sequential, in many cases pointless! And yet, I enjoyed the thought that perhaps in this, there was indeed an essence of Tasmania.

I've taken a look at the competition, which is due for entries in April, and I can see that they are favouring very stock standard stereotypical approaches. It comes as not too much of a surprise, that they want normal people to visit Tassie. Retards like us don't figure in their books:-)

So, anyhow... this got me thinking. I did a bit of research, and happened upon this wonderful song, Map of Tasmania, by an American band, Little Punx. You remember in front of the opp shop? Hands on Neville's genitalia??

I mentioned Dirks joke about getting the girls to show us their map of tasmania?

Well.. there you have it. Inspiration is the birth place of potential.

And so... perhaps it's more of an internal joke. Perhaps it's more of an irreverent sideways kick at the established way of thinking about tourism. But I think there could be something in putting this one forward.

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