Whenever I am fasting I feel absolutely wonderful as each day of rejuvenation brings my body into more and more balance. For me pure fasting on only juices brings me closer to Divine nature. When fasting it is impossible to not believe in a God and the goodness he bestows upon all who will walk the straight and narrow path of healthy living. As the saying goes your body is a temple.

Whole Health Foundation is your source for free information on optimum health, fasting and anti aging.
I provide free advice and information to anyone needing help with health and fitness. I refurbish, buy and sell AND IMPROVE all Norwalk juicer models, plus sell all supplies and parts you may need such as juicing cloths and repair parts.
Many of my repair and tune up videos are unlisted and not available by a YouTube search. For free help or advice please Call me first at 760-753-0321 if you need help. If you think my videos have been helpful please support my work with a contribution to my paypal account using my email at developtrust@cox.net as my paypal ID and use the personal tab please.
At Whole Health Foundation we sell and refurbished Norwalk juicers with important improvements and also service all Norwalk juicer models. We can also make important improvements on any Norwalk juicing machine for a reasonable fee. The most valuable and important improvement is the feed tube improvement with a digital thermometer that helps monitor temperature. This improvement is critical when making large quantities of juice when temperatures can get unacceptably high and thus destroy your juice nutrients. For more information or parts, sales and service call William at 760-753-0321 or go to my web page link at the top of this description.
At Whole Health Foundation we also provide free information on juicing for health, anti aging and products that promote optimum health. We provide free instruction videos with juicing tips and anti aging advice. We also provide free Internet marketing tutorial videos for those who want to join our anti aging distributor team.

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