As an artist I consider dreams as a medium of art. I try to transfer my dreams into my artistic works in different media. These experiments build the foundation of my artistic studies.

I had many flight experiences in my dreams. To translate flight dreams into waking reality I invented the Avian Flight Simulator in 2011. In Avian Flight Simulator the player can experience a flight similar to those in dreams, using his body. As the player flaps his arms in different positions, the first person view of the simulator gains height and accelerates forward. As the player leans his torso forward and backward or turns his arms left and right, the view rotates. The position of player‘s head, torso and hands are detected by an infrared camera (Microsoft Kinect) and processed through middleware software (Delicode NI-Mate). The processed data are implemented to the 3D simulation built in the graphic software (Blender3D). The 3D scene, where the simulation takes places, is a 3D model of one of my recent flying dreams.

Research questions revolving around this topic can be stated as follows:
- Is it possible to transform dreams into art?
- Is this process reversible i.e. from art to dreams?
- Are games the right medium to expose dreams?

All in all, Avian Flight Simulator is an experimental step to use recent technical developments, which make the 3D body tracking technology available to artistic use. In my future studies, I intend to combine this technology with the concept of lucid dreaming, as well as taking current findings of dream science into consideration,

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