Small videoclip of a sample of the content gathering phase for my book alimento.memória.
This project started off as a personal interest. I’ve always been curious about how eating can be more than a daily routine action. Sharing meals is a worldwide way to connect with places, people and feelings. Because of that we always have the desire to tell stories about our experiences with food; either good or bad.
The name alimento.memória came straight from the subject given. Alimento is one of the Portuguese words assigned to food and memória is the Portuguese word for memory: when talking and thinking about eating are fuels for a series of assorted memoirs.
As a result, the book reunites people’s memories with food and its illustrations and graphic representations to reinforce the importance of using art and design tools to enrich storytelling. This content is the outcome of a collaborative process of 4 different experiences that led to the gathering of numerous stories and to the production of various types of graphic experiments.

The video depicts some of the participants of the project translating their memories with food to illustrations/
graphic representations.

The Soundtrack is a tune called EWE O, from the great brazilian musician Léo Leobons.

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