Original Music by Ryan Fossier

Missouri State BFA show:


A little over a year ago I was thrown into the magical world of cats by my loving girlfriend. Ever since that fateful day I have had my eyes opened to how bizarre and quirky cats' behaviors actually are. For example, I was sitting on my couch brainstorming ideas for my upcoming senior show, when I witnessed the two cats, Tiggy and Boo, going absolutely crazy. They were running around, attacking absolutely nothing for a good hour or so only to stop randomly for short spastic "breaks" to groom themselves. At this moment I instantly knew my topic for my upcoming exhibition.

From that point on I closely observed Tiggy and Boo's quirky and playful nature and after a few pages of notes and observing a few bizarre situations I came up with the series. It follows a quirky house cat's larger-than-life explorations on a daily basis. Throughout the series different sides of the cat's personality are explored.

It was a major goal of mine to really capture the essence of how a normal house cat acts and moves, while balancing out the feeling of the series with an exaggerated, over-the-top rendition of how a cat interprets the world. Another major concern that I focused on while creating this series was creating a balance of realism in the animation of the series, with an overall design stylization, to keep the series light-hearted and fun.
The last thing I would want is for the series to be taken too seriously. I created this quirky mini-series strictly for the entertainment one gets from watching the many colorful personalities of a domesticated house cat.

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