Hello, and thank you for looking up my clip.
I am Pietro Palma, a specialist in rhinoplasty, based in Milan, Italy.
Rhinoplasty has been the centre of my professional career for a number of years. I do not perform any cosmetic operation other than rhinoplasty. My philosophy in rhinoplasty "YOUnique rhinoplasty trademark" is to create a nose that looks absolutely natural, and is well-balanced with the patient's facial features. There is no single best way that can answer all the demands of patients. While some patients require major structural changes, others only need subtle changes in surface aesthetics before they return to work a few days later. Applying the same techniques in these cases can result in inadequate surgery, or an over-shooting, rather than tailor-made, patient-centred surgery
If my approach to rhinoplasty intrigues you, please feel free to look through my website pietropalma.it

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