"Since I discovered my passion in filmmaking, I dedicated all the time I had to it. Any free minute was spent in playing with cameras, writing down stories, capturing images anywhere on this planet.

I got more and more lost in projects and in what I loved doing so much: to find truly unique beauty in just about everything and capture it. My life was based around work. My passion turned into routine. I almost burned out and it took me a while to understand what was happening.

That experience has built a bigger-picture understanding of the world around me and my role in it. In an overstimulated world like today it becomes increasinly important to be able to focus, take it slower and identify beauty in just about everything.

After selling all camera equipment in March 2012 to take a 7 month break, motivation is back and life is more balanced than it ever was.

Blickinsfreie is back!"

René Eckert (Founder Blickinsfreie), January 2013

As comeback, Blickinsfreie presents "IN SEARCH OF" - a series of short films showcasing what we have captured the last 4 years all around the globe. Most of the material has never been aired before and gives you an insight in our past projects.

Expectations have been created after the big success of the first episode. But as I am currently enjoying the freedom of creating just anything without any pressure I did not want to continue in the same style. I found this interview with me done by a good friend and filmmaker Lebogang Rasethaba and I felt like I had to do something with it.

In "EPISODE 2 - THE LESOTHO EXPERIENCE", filmmaker Lebogang Rasthaba follows René Eckert on his 2011 journey to Lesotho to produce the documentary "IN SEARCH OF FIRE". Combining behind the scenes footage and a very personal interview, episode 2 gives you an insight in René Eckert´s style of producing and answers the question how he deals with capturing poverty in harmony with the persons concerned.

It is not about the footage quality, it is about the message it transports.

Watch "IN SEARCH OF FIRE" here: blickinsfreie.de/cinematography/films/detail/in-search-of-fire/58244525.html

Watch EPISODE 1 here: blickinsfreie.de/cinematography/films/detail/in-search-of-episode-1/56237142.html

Behind the scenes camera: Lebogang Rasethaba (vimeo.com/user2314482)
Director of Photography: René Eckert / Blickinsfreie

Producer: René Eckert / Blickinsfreie

Editor: René Eckert / Blickinsfreie

Music written and performed by Marijn van der Meer & Jorrit Kleijnen. The Song is called "Where the heart is".

Buy the song here: marijnmusic.com

Follow Blickinsfreie on Facebook: facebook.com/bif.de

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