This video is a project i did for the "DON'T HANG UP ON ME" group exhibition that happened in Basel, Switzerland in August 2006. This exhibition gathered skateboarding related artists such as Pontus Alv, Stefan Marx, FOS, Neil Stubbings, Ben Thé, Pierre Prospero, Eric Antoine, Bertrand Trichet, Stephanie Solinas and many more. It happened during the European Skateboard championships that occured in Basel for a decade from 2001 to 2010.

I've been shooting for about 3 months, a little bit everyday, to make this video, with a DV camcorder and mixing this footage with analog pictures i was shooting. Back then, i used to rent a room in Barcelona, a fifth floor with a view and a little balcony on Plaza Georges Orwell, also known as Plaza Trippi. It's been a incessant chaos for the 2 years and a half i've been living there, from 8 in the morning to 4, 5 or even 6 the next morning...Although this plaza is located right in the heart of the Barrio Gotico, appealing loads of tourists everyday, this plaza is also well known for all the junkies and bums that end up spending days and nights there, lurking around bars, hunting tourists to pick their pockets or coping for a little sugar, creating a surrealist mix of people all day long. My balcony happened to be a perfect observation post to analyse all the habits and rituals of this crowd, and how, although anything could happen at any time, everything was so litling and well-ordered. Everyday the same things happened, at the same time, and although it still might have looked like complete chaos to some, i found there some interesting ways to distort the perception of time and show the ordinary and unnoticed actions some other way.

Shot from May to July 2006
Cameras: Sony VX-2100 and Nikon FM2

Music by:
Chet Baker and the Gotan Project: "Round about midnight"

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