I, Pet Goat II Pet Goat, Pet Goat, Pet Goat - Symbolism Analyzed -
Please do not turn off Annotations - if youre watching from a moble device please watch my MOBILE VERSION of this Breakdown to see the FULL breakdown with annotations added after the upload, thanks 3D Animation Explanations, False Flags
One, Pet Goat Two - BEST Breakdown Analysis - Scene by Scene - Must Watch
Played in real time with audio - Breakdown of Every Scene - Please comment like sub
All credit to the creators listed at the end- I'm simply expressing thoughts and views of it.
Please understand that you will have to PAUSE the video at times to read everything but everyone reads different speeds i didnt want to break flow of the video. Thanks
*Press Pause button once with your mouse and the you can un and re-pause with spacebar. Must Watch. Real Time. Please Comment Like and Sub
My Personal Views of this story are captioned... you may have to pause at times to read.
These are my thoughts and I dont intended to offend anyone, sorry if you are in any way.
Why are we here? What happens when we DIE? Where do we go? Matrix Code Life
I know i missed several points but the video is full is so in depth its impossible - FULLY
Keep our Open our Minds - The Light, NWO, WWWIII, 322, Return, Judgement, analysis
Second Coming Judgement, Return, End of Days, Time, 5th age, Moon, Sun, Stars
Illuminati breakdown, New Vatican Developments, New Pope, Smoke. Meteorite crash in Russia, Shooting Star, Asteroids crash into pyramid final scene. Metorite shoot down my UFO, Sandy Hook, CT, OK City Bomber, Katrina, Gulf Oil Spill, World Trade Centers, New York, Russia Metorite exploded by UFO, Conspiracies, One Religion, Gun Ban, Elections, President, Mind Control, Spying drones over US, Earthquake fault,
Bright streak of light reported over Calif, Shooting Star, Blue Lights, Creator Louis Lefebvre, On Sirius Rising , The day of the fireball has hit all over the world , including Japan , Russia ,Cuba and the US . California , Kentucky , Carolina , Texas ..2013, Russian meteor won't be last sneak attack, NWO, Sandy Hook Elem, World Trade Center Towers, Gulf Oil Spill, Katrina, Earthquake, Free Masons, Rapture
I, Pet Goat II
I, Pet Goat II
i, pet goat 2
I, Pet Goat 2
New Illuminati films: Oz: The Great and Powerful, Dark Kight Rises, Iron Man 3, Prometheus, Hunger Games Catching Fire, Looper, G.I. Joe: Retaliation, Star Trek Into Darkness, Oblivion 2013 Tom Cruise, Superman: The Legend, World War Z 2013 Brad Pitt, The Lone Ranger Johnny Depp, Transformers 4: Rise of Galvatron, X-Men 4 Evolution, The Iceman
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Please watch and give credit to the creators: heliofant.com/

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