Hi Guys,
This is my latest show reel. This are just a few of the many things I have worked on over the past 6 years while working on Tomb Raider, Thor, Marvel Ultimate Alliance II and personal projects.
For Tomb Raider I worked on fx such as bullet impacts, explosions, debris, smoke, steam, ambient fx such as fog, clouds, leaves, flies, moths, event triggered fx such as explosions and debris, camera shakes, water effects such as water drips, rain, mist, splashes and waterfalls.

For Thor I worked on fx such as destruction, explosion, debris, liquids, energy, impact, missile, and cinematic sequences.

Marvel Ultimate Alliance II: Responsible for the creation of FX elements such as Smoke, Dust, destruction explosions and fire, created with 3Ds Max and Afterburn , RayFire and Fume Fx. Demolition dynamic FX of building, electricity force beams created with Fume FX. Electricity force. All explosions, small Debris created with particle instanter, dust, and smoke elements.

If you want to see more, you can go to my website martinromerovfx.com/ or here in my vime page.

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