This Video Essay dives into the thoughts and concerns of an introvert student and society’s outlook on them.

By: Brian Pizzi

Artist Statement:

I chose to do my piece on a subject that is very personal to me. Working, studying, and living as an introvert can be challenging and most do not stand up to explain the challenge. I feel like it is my time to stand up and say something and hopefully bring awareness to this often forgotten side of the community at large. The title “an intro to introversion” is to state how this piece is the beginning of a much larger project that I hope to create during spring quarter.

I shot this piece on a Canon Rebel T2i with a voice over audio essay. I chose to go with still shots on me as to not “create” a space. I wanted the viewer to see me in my natural habitat and not give the illusion of another world.

After completing this video essay I came to find that I needed to have more confidence in myself to speak out on this issue. I also learned the value of simplicity and how impactful it can be towards your message.

About the Artist:

Brian Pizzi is a Senior at The Evergreen State College in Olympia, Wa. He first obtained his AA at Green River Community College and since transferring, has focused his studies on media arts. He has applied to Graduate school for the fall and hopes to attend to get his Masters of Fine Arts in Production Design.

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