My buddy Chris and I headed down to Philly for the meet. I had started filming but realized there wasn't too much there to make a film from. Instead, we asked our friends here with their beautiful matching RX7's for an hour of their time after the event to make a small mini-feature. We started right around the golden sun hour, so I went with a dreamy kind of song to fit the mood.

I hope to link up with them both in the future for a longer, more detailed edit.

A new feature this year, I will be releasing "Snack Packs". A set of mini-features combined into one video, to keep the video releases flowing. Expect many "snack packs" as show season kicks into high gear.

Stay connected with us:
Instagram & Twitter: @halcyonphoto

Song: Telepopmusik - Don't Look Back (Tanner Caldwell Remix)

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