Stanford Japan Study Abroad
Bing Overseas Studies Program (BOSP) in Kyoto, Winter 2013
OSPKYOTO 64: Japanese Popular Culture
Professor Sally McLaren
5-Unit Extra Film Project
March 11, 2013
Personal Blog:


Comparing specifically film and animation works between Miyazaki Hayao & Shinkai Makoto, discovering how they use and encompass Japanese culture, beauty, and lifestyle to bring their hand-drawn movies to life. In this 12 minute video, I hope to portray the beautiful world that is Japan today, and how many artists and film directors alike draw inspiration and ideas to produce wonderful works of art - all of which could be watched today.


Film and Directed by: Daniel C. Liem

3 Interviewees:
David Calica - Stanford '15
伊織さん (Iori-san) - Host Family Sister
Shin Ando - Kyoto Prefectural University

Video Clips by: Miyazaki Hayao & Shinkai Makoto
Music by: 5Cm Per Second & Spirited Away (千と千尋の神隠し) Soundtracks

Assistance: David Calica - for letting me borrow his Mac Air for production
Recorded on: Canon DSLR EOS T3 Rebel Series

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