Black is an animated music video for the song of the same name written by rapper Naum Bleek. The song is based on a 1909 poem by Sasha Chorny, а classic Russian poet. The poem’s protagonist is a poet balancing on the edge of reality, nightmare, and immortality.

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Lyrics: Sasha Chorny (1909)
Music: T-bass
Vocals: Naum Bleek
Producer, director, art-director: Ivan Zolotukhin
Animation: Tanya Kiseleva, Andrey Zolotukhin, Vladimir Zakharov
Drawing: Oksana Lyashenko, Elena Morozova
3D: Dmitriy Grebyonkin, Alexandr Ishkildin, Denis Kalmykov
Editing: Kamila Safina
Production: Animawork (

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