Finding the right job is hard – and for companies, hiring is tedious work. But you know a lot of great people and they all have a great set of skills. Jobylon Bounty is a fun and social way to connect your friends to fantastic job opportunities. This is how it works.

Simply register a profile at We do the hard work to match your friends and the jobs that they’re most suited for. In just one click you make a personal recommendation and a private message is sent to your friend via your social network.

Your friend accepts the offer and the recommendation are sent to the company.

If the company hires your friend you’ll get a reward. We call this a Bounty, which makes you a Bounty Hunter.

Invite more friends to Jobylon Bounty and you’ll get access to their circle of friends as well, which make life even easier and increases your chances to receive a Bounty.

The company gets a new employee to their team, your friend gets a career boost and you get a reward for helping out. It’s a win-win-win!

Join us at and get your reward today!

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