Edge Talent Builds Addon Official Website - tiny.cc/Edge-WOW

Instantly Get Best Talent Builds & Rotations For Raiding, PvP, Leveling and More... With The EDGE In-Game Addon.

Less Than 10% Of WoW Gamers Play at The Optimal Level. Become One of The Elite With Just the Click of a Button.

The First In-Game Talent Build, Rotation, and Glyph Advisor - tiny.cc/Edge-WOW

How Edge Works:
- Select the class you would like to play
- Choose a category (Raiding, Leveling, PvP, etc...)
- Choose a Talent Build
- List the information of your selection along with a helpful description on what your class does, The Pros and Cons, Strategy and Rotation to be used.

EDGE has a spec for anything you want to do in game. With the Auto-Talent feature you can choose your class, choose your playstyle, then spec and go with ease. No tabbing back and forth while you look at a talent calculator. No wading through countless threads just to find the best spec for you.

Check Out EDGE NOW - tiny.cc/Edge-WOW

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