Heyo this is my Mallorca video cut from our attack in 2012! I am very pleased after a lot of sleepless nights to release this video and I wan't to thank to anyone being there :)
The video starts with us buying tickets online, includes some climbing and fun moments, to our departure time! So a lot of moments of us crushing Cova del Diablo, Cala Sa Nau, Cala Barquez, Cala Romantica ;)
A few notable moments to describe in the video include:
9:17 Lars climbing with all the bags 7a with crux above and huge waves downstairs, so I've decided to include it despite bad quality of record ;)
11:33 Me climbing Vadage 7c in Cala Sa Nau after failing it in 2011!
26:15 This is the only day, which I got up first from the bed and made anyone pay for that ;P (beat matching is incredible considering that I couldn't watch those part on the edit due to slow PC!)
31:18 Some serious ballz high action including big waves fun, hooks at 18 meters height (imagine what can happen), and couple sends with bad quality on 20m routes!
38:36 the bad cuts on my finger + 40:00 pain session :)

For a small blog and great pictures after the trip check out my website:

ps: the name of this event comes from old school punk album called Kampfstern Mallorca, but the first word was missinterpreted and Romantica refers to our concrete residence in Mallorca that time :)

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