Presentation of Life Saving Award - Officer Daniel Wells

On Monday, January 28, 2013, Officer Daniel Wells responded to a call for assistance at a retail establishment on Workshop Lane in reference to a person having trouble breathing.

When he arrived, Officer Wells found the caller, a woman who was driving a vehicle in which her son was having respiratory distress. Officer Wells observed the man slouched over in the passenger seat of the car.

Officer Wells was not able to get a response from the man and noticed his face turning blue. He removed the victim from the vehicle and placed him on the ground to assess his breathing. Officer Wells was unable to open the airway and could not locate a pulse. He relayed the urgency to Communications to expedite EMS response. Officer Wells performed CPR and continued until he was relieved by EMS Personnel.

Officer Wells’ immediate response and life sustaining efforts resulted in the victim regaining consciousness. He maintained professionalism and showed compassion to the victim’s mother, who initiated the call for assistance.

Officer Wells action resulted in preventing a tragedy and is worthy of the Life Saving Award.

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