re-upload: made 15/05/2012
"Sometimes we're holding angels. And we never even know."

I wanted this to be hopeful...? T____T
i care too much about these characters.. I think we already hit the rock bottom (gosh i hope so, because i don't know if i can handle other stabbing in the heart!), now we must go back..right?

"Why should we give you anything... After everything you have taken from us? The very touch of you corrupts. When Castiel first laid a hand on you in Hell, he was lost!"

"All I know is that I was not... groped by an angel,"
"why not?"
"because why ME?"
"you don't think you deserve to be saved."

"You have fallen in every way imaginable."

"Angels are watching over you."

"This is Cas, guys. I mean, when there was no one... he broke ranks. He has gone to the mat cut and bleeding for us so many freakin' times. This is Cas!"

"I'm doing this for you, Dean. I'm doing this because of you. "
"Look, next to Sam, you and Bobby are the closest things I have to family. Don't make me lose you too."

"he his gone, Dean."

"so.... he is gone."

"it's killed you...that people keep getting hurt... and you just can't stop it. I was there. I was depressed, I was a wreck, an emotional shell, a drunk. Because he was gone. "

"Somebody help me!"
"who are you?"
"i am an angel of the lord."

"It took everything to get me here."


clips: Supernatural 4-7 / Constantine / Final Fantasy VIII finale
song: Holding on and letting go by Ross Copperman

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