A rural highway rest stop secretly doubles as an interplanetary travel station for alien spaceships. The quiet outpost becomes the center of galactic attention when an important alien official is forced to crash land, pursued by an assassin bent on sparking a universal war. The official appears to be a model-beautiful humanoid woman but, on her planet, is actually a male.

Zach Clancy has dreamed of exploring outer space his entire life. Reared on sci-fi movies and UFO-nalia, he hopes to somehow overcome his marginal circumstances and explore the galaxy. But on his 30th birthday, his humble beginnings in a trailer park have only led him to managing a rural, Illinois highway rest stop for truckers and auto travelers.

Yet destiny has lent a hand to Zach…because his is not just any rest stop. Behind an ultra- high tech cloaking screen, it also serves as a travel station for extraterrestrial vessels. Operated by a benevolent intergalactic government, the alien side is hidden and unknown to the U.S. or any government on Earth.

Zach and his colleagues wear themselves out serving both the Earth and alien sides of the station, while managing the suspicions of the hayseed locals and the authorities. Throughout it all, they protect the secret of the station, all hoping to secure glamorous, off-world positions someday. His colleagues are an odd array of recruits: Duane, a brilliant MIT graduate who runs the service station; Earl, a Green Beret from the Vietnam era who serves as head cook in the diner; Talik Domain (or “Tony”), a bulldog-looking alien who loves Earth punk music and has built all of their advanced systems; and Sheila, a beautiful former Chicago ad agency executive who runs the gift shop.

But while these extraordinary people are privy to the most incredible secret in Earth history, they are miserably consumed with the mundane tasks of running two rest stops; unstopping alien and human toilets, serving diner food, moping floors, and fixing air locks. The repeated broken promises of the Galactic Alliance for re-assignment have made the dream of outer space exploration seem unreachable.

Everything changes when the sleepy outpost unexpectedly becomes an intergalactic powder keg. An important Ambassador in the Alliance is forced to make an emergency crash landing, pursued by a professional assassin. The alien terrorist is initially disguised as an Earth trucker but can change his outward shape into anything he desires, making him almost impossible to identify. His mission is to terminate the Ambassador and trigger an interplanetary war that will likely destroy Earth and the surrounding systems.

Though from another planet, the Ambassador appears to be a model-beautiful Earth woman. Until help can arrive from the Alliance, Zach must find a way to protect the Ambassador while still maintaining the station’s secret from Earth authorities. Despite the crisis, Zach falls in love with the beautiful emissary, not realizing that on her planet she is actually a male.

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