Twitter, Facebook, Spotify, Expedia, Skype, eBay …

What do these names and many more like them have in common? They are not only all dot-com names but they are all made-up words. Invented names like these are so popular for many reasons:

1. Invented names are easy to get and protect. You won’t be paying millions of dollars to get an invented and catchy name with the essential dot-com. And you won’t see another company using the name “Pixar” or “Pepsi.” The trademark comes easy with these types of names.

2. Made-up words give the founders an opportunity to create their own definition, on their terms. What do the words “Orbitz” and “Twitter” mean to you? This is called branding.

3. The alternative, common name domains, such as, and, can never truly develop a singular identity that is separate from its competitors. This is because names like these are a category of brands, not a brand itself. Petco is an example of a true brand. IKEA is a true brand. Hasbro and Mattel are true brands.

The right brand name can have a huge affect on your target audience. Creative and inventive names, like the ones found at will have a lasting affect on your customers.

Brandroot is nothing like your typical domain marketplace. You won’t find a long boring list of expensive and useless domains, like dot-us and dot-info. You’ll discover a comprehensive dot-com catalog of analyzed brand names, each of them shipped with an effectively designed logo.

Each name is checked for legal availability, originality, relevance, appeal and potential recognition. You can be rest assured that any brand found on is completely ready to use and ready for affective marketing. is here to help. If we don’t have the name you’re looking for, our team will work to find one for you. You can also visit our extensive resources page to help you make the best decision possible.
Brand Name Web Domains

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