France is a nation with many beautiful cornerstones. Known for its architectural wonders like the Eiffel Tower, the Palace at Versailles and Notre Dame Cathedral, people from around the globe have visited France for the beauty and fame of its buildings. Yet Jesus Christ, the “chief cornerstone” according to Ephesians 2:20, is sadly absent from the hearts of many French people.

In a nation that remains historically and culturally Catholic, secularism has been on the rise. Though 51% of France identifies themselves as Catholic, another 25% of the population identify themselves as non-religious. Islam is also on the rise, now representing roughly 10% of the population. The birthplace of Calvin has begun to lose its connection to Christianity.

France is a nation in need of a reconciler. Deeply dedicated to separating church and state, tension between the secular government officials and the Muslim population is on the rise. As the economy worsens, tensions between native French citizens, immigrants form northern Africa and the Roma (Gypsy) minority continues to grow. In a land made equality and fraternity the cry of its own revolution, differences and division have begun separation and strife.

Though there is much spiritual struggle and need, God is still moving in France. A people movement among the Roma (Gypsy) minority has brought 25% of the population to personal faith in Christ. Out of France, God has sent missionaries to reach and evangelize many of the nations where French is the main language. All around France, sales of the Bible are at a historic high.

God is moving…now it is time for His people to move with Him through prayer.

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