Ascent Advisor’s Juan Riboldi, author of “The Path of Ascent,” describes how great companies approach change from the start to produce immediate and lasting results.

The increasing uncertainty and competition in today’s market is affecting all of us. The question is not if your organization needs to change, but how it can benefit from those changes. Growing in times of change is a choice.

Your ability to create a shared vision of success, align resources around a clear strategy, seize opportunities in change, while engaging employees in the process is the key to your organization’s success. Seasoned consultant and author, Juan Riboldi, will share insightful practices, a proven process, and practical tools for leading your organization forward.

In this interactive webinar, Riboldi will share insights from his research and decades of experience. Riboldi will describe the five critical steps for growth:

- Create a Shared Vision of Success.
- Seize the Opportunity for Growth.
- Build a Lean and Effective Organization
- Inspire Teamwork and Collaboration
- Achieve Increasingly Better Results

If your company is undergoing any changes, internally or from external conditions, and you want to use them for growth, join Juan Riboldi and Ascent Advisor on March 13th to learn how.


Juan Riboldi is the founder of Ascent Advisor, principal and author of the book, "The Path of Ascent." He combines 20 years of research and experience as a consultant helping companies align their people and processes to achieve critical results. He has worked with companies such as IBM, General Mills, Cisco Systems, Sony Pictures, and Nissan. In addition to his consulting experience, Juan has taught courses in leadership and organizational change at Harvard, Pepperdine, and BYU.

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