Baking curves, follow path constrain to keyframe insert.
Info - Steps
Blender: Follow Path on Backed Curved with Sound and synth-pitch follower (test 2)
Surround WunderbarStudio 12 Jan 2013, Valencia
Create the Framework
1- Create a curve (Path), extrude on X and Y only (not Z) to make a circuit
2- Create an Empty and Cone (parent the cone as child of Empty)
3- Select Empty and add Constraint - Follow Path and select the NurbsPath
to follow then select Follow-Curve and Animatete path.
4- Test animation with At+ A

Now bake the curve as animated frames
1- Select the Empty
2- Spacebar and search for Bake Action (Tick CLEAR CONSTRAINS - this is importan)
3- Select 100 frames (whichever the lenght of the pathfollowed curve)
4- Delete the constrain, otherwise there will be a distance from the path

Animate in BGE
1- just add a sensor and action actuator (0-100)
2- Best if controlled in python (e.g. bge.logic.KX_ACTIONACT_FLIPPER)

To Solidify the Curve
1- Create a clone (duplicate) + Covert to Mesh + add modifier (Skin)

How to add Sound with a pitch follower for the curve (Y axis height)
Just add the script to the ConeFollow mesh
You may need to add some Properties (eg. 'FreQ' increments of 10/-10 with
the arrow keys))

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