"Cuckoo with a gun" - new single from Claudia Pavel, teaser for the forthcoming movie "Therapy for murder".
Movie's official TRAILER: vimeo.com/73552410


"Therapy for murder" (original title of the movie: Terapie pentru crima): 80 minutes running time

Theatrical release date of the movie: 2013

Writer & director: Kiki Vasilescu

DOP: Vlad Petrea

Movie: 80 minutes running time

Starring: Claudia Pavel, Catalin Ciurdar, Vlad Corbeanu, George Constantinescu, Robert Radoveneanu, Dragos Antonie

Produced by Kiki Vasilescu for East Movies

Shot in Romania

Music composed by Gabriel Maga and Bobby Stoica

Lyrics by Bobby Stoica

Orchestral arrangements by Gabriel Maga

Produced by: Bobby Stoica and Gabriel Maga

Courtesy of SuggaRecords/Voltart, 2013

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