Tim Kennedy (guy in ranger shirt)
When the Army instituted service-wide mixed martial arts Combatives tournaments in 2005, Tim Kennedy entered and won the tournament in the light heavyweight division three years in a row. He served as a sniper with the 7th Special Forces Group and engaged in several prolonged fire fights during his three deployments in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Christopher Lovero (guy in Berkeley shirt)
Christopher Loverro served in Iraq as an Army Reserve Civil Affairs staff sergeant assigned to support the Stryker Brigade Combat Team (3/2) out of Fort Lewis Washington. He is an actor and filmmaker.

Aundray Rogers (African American Veteran)
Aundray is an Iraqi War Veteran whose transition back home included a period of time when he used alcohol to numb the pain. Now sober, Aundray is a student, a community leader, and a football coach.

Rebecca Murga (Female Veteran)
Having served as a Public Affairs Officer with the Special Forces in Afghanistan, Rebecca is as tough and caring a person as one could ever expect to meet. She has produced documentaries that explored the complexity of war and the experience of the women who serve in them.

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