Music Video that placed as one of the Top 3 Finalists for the Vancouver Sun/CBC Video Contest!

You see I used to be like you
I used to be filled with such fire and rage
And my vengeance was so feral it was locked in a cage
Deep in my mind where divers couldn't reach
And I left everyone else at the shore of my beach
So I kick it all night, trying to make what I left right, commander making
Battle tactics cause I've got demons to fight
I'm just trying to survive so lord forgive me, I will sin
But I'm my own worst enemy, never lose but I can never win
I was once told that life is struggle
But still I stay true to my hustle, intellectual muscle leave your leaves rustled
Move with silence and violence cause quiet rivers run deep
My edge is steep, but still I stay counting my blessings
And everything that i own is a product of God's testing
Used to be a young cub filled with fear in this world
But young Simbas grown into a king dreaming of diamonds and pearls
Everything in this world, it was meant for the taking
So I take my prayers with me, 18 years in the making
You can't earn your stripes without making a few scars
So I keep my nights bright by writing a few bars
My mama always told me that I was born to go far
So while you shooting for the moon, I'm shooting for mars
And I'm shooting for the cars, the things we never had when I was younger
Buy my mom some diamonds for always feeding my hunger
And now the calm is over, and the storms in full effect
And everything I leave in my path is a wreck
When the dust falls, and the night calls, I relapse into my bed
Recalling today's battle in the tombs of my head.

by Cedric Domingo

Sky Train - His daily grind
Graffiti Alley Way - The alley way that got him inspired to do graffiti
Book Store - Because he loves poetry and books
Vinyl Store - Because he loves music
Granville Street - Where he used to work
Art Gallery - Because he loves art

Written by Cedric Domingo
Filmed, Directed and Edited by Jenzel Velo
Music by Jason Park

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