The girls at Flat 3 hold a superhero-themed flatwarming, but things go awry as Jessica is left waiting for Jackie Chan, the hot waiter from EP2. Lee tests her art skills on Spiderman, Perlina trades insults with a caped Cow and friendships are sorely tested.

Flat3 Credits - EP4. FLAT WARMING


Lee - Ally Xue
Jessica - JJ Fong
Perlina - Perlina Lau

Katrina - Katrina Wesseling
Guy with wig - CJ Withey
Jackie Chan - Mike Ginn
Sandy - Charlotte Chapman
AJ/’Andrew Garfield’ - AJ Driver

Director/Writer - Roseanne Liang
DOP - Stallone Vaiaoga-Ioasa
DOP - Jack Woon
2nd Cam Op - Nikki Si'ulepa
Camera Assist - Jack Woon
Camera Assist - Alex Lee
Sound Op/1st AD - CJ Withey
Production Manager - Hweiling Ow
Make-up/Wardrobe - JJ Fong
Art Department - Ally Xue

Editors - Roseanne Liang, Peter Haynes
Picture Post Production - Jack Woon
Audio Post Production - Carl Smith
Visual Effects - Nick Hamilton

Producers -
Roseanne Liang, JJ Fong, Ally Xue, Perlina Lau


80s Beat
composed by Ian Vincent

Cheesy sting/I’m dreaming of you
composed by Hong Yul Yang
performed by Dennis Liu

Little Rock
written and performed by Dennis Liu

Party Music
written and performed by Hong Yul Yang

I Like It
written and performed by JJ Fong

Super Sisters in the Super City
written and performed by Katrina Wesseling and Perlina Lau

Nanna’s Entrance
Written by D. McGlashan
Performed by Don McGlashan
Used with permission of Native Tongue Music Publishing
Courtesy of Aeroplane Music Services Ltd

You Won’t Catch the Bunny
composed by Dennis Liu

Special Thanks to:
Perlina and Katrina’s flatmates

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