This is probably one of my more ridiculous set ups I've done. I found this very sought after lens, the Tamron SP 80-200mm on eBay. I bought it mainly for it's supposedly 'unbelievable' optical performance plus I love old glass - it just seems to be made better.

I adapted it via a cheap adaptall-II to EF mount then put it on the speed booster. Essentially, the Tamron with the speed booster is now a 56.8-160mm 2.0 (!!) zoom lens. Boy was I in for a treat. This is now my favourite looking lens, but it's far from portable (it's heavy as hell so excuse the handheld in the video). That screen shot above was taken with this lens (it was a video still, too shaky to post).

I shot this in Kensington Market in Chinatown, Toronto in an hour just to play with the depth of field on this lens, which was just butter. The bokeh itself is nice and creamy while the images in focus are razor sharp. All shots were at shutter 1/60, which is very cool considering that the lens can create that smooth blur even up to f/8. Next time I use this lens I'll be sure to put it on sticks as it was a nightmare to keep steady and in focus at f/2.0. The lens weighs 3.5 pounds!

Also, this was straight off the camera (well, NINJA 2) colour correction or nothing. The lens is just amazing.

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