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We, Ragna Müller and Bianca Holtschke have both a strong interest in collections and in collecting things.
Starting point for our latest collection are several hundred of very different objects, which were left over after a firm had to close down. We had the opportunity to roam freely in the building of the former shipping-electronic-company and to take what we were interested in. In order to experience the objects „out of context“ we needed a neutral background. We have made a sort of thing-archive from this, which includes series plus individual items, machine parts, private things; odd and familiar forms.
We wanted to make our material accessible to the public and decided to make a book from it. A book permits to do a stocktaking of the things while separating them from their function. But the decision to merge this unequal accumulation into one book raises some very practical questions:

1. What are the criteria to include or exclude things?
2. Where runs the border between similarity and difference?
3. Are we displaying or creating things?
4. What is the method to treat unequal things equal?
5. Which side do we show?

The publication shows the objects in their unchanged number of discovery and in the right scale in relation to each other. We wanted to create a nonhierarchical background, which stimulates comparison. On the cover you can see an index of the places of discovery within the building.

Our debate on the accumulation of different things results in
following theses:

1. No method fits.
2. Blank positions are no indicators for incompleteness.
3. Completeness is a claim.
4. Differences are shown by similarities.
5. The copy is the original.

Two films document the process of fotografic reproduction.

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