Shot 1: Alvin3
Description: Simon talks to Dave
All animation

Shot 2: Alvin 3
Description: Alvin convinces Simon pt 1 and 3
All animation on all characters.

Shot 3: Alvin 3
Description: Brittany gets thrown across the room
All animation on Brittany.

Shot 4: Alvin 3
Theodore made Dave a Necklace
rough and final animation.

Shot5: You’re garbage. . .
Description: Sketchy guy in a bar tells you what you’re about.
All animation, lighting,environment

Shot 6: How to Survive in prison.
Description: Reggie takes Bobby under his wing and teaches him how to survive in prison.
All animation, lighting, environment

Shot 7: Chicks Dig Me
Description: Skytower does love connection.
All Animation, lighting, environment

Shot 8: Birds
Description: Birds greeting each other in the forest.
All animation.

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