The BreakThrough Experience

We live our lives in and out of pain, searching for the perfect relationship, ultimate health,success. We feel so lonely, isolated from a genuine connection to ourselves, our families, our lovers and our world.

We find ourselves thirsty on a deep level for something real, something that can remind us of the brilliance of being alive.

We yearn to be heard, understood in our everyday relationships with family, friends and lovers. We yearn for more intimacy but no matter what we try it seems to elude us.

Many of us search for it in books, modern gurus, various spiritual teachings... few of us experience what we know is possible.

We become inspired at seminars or sermons where masters alight us to what's possible in our lives and still, when returning home we are lost, unsure how to take action from what we heard to transform our lives.

Are you ready to answer to the call within you,to finally let go of past pain, regain connection to your body and live a more vibrant happy life?

You will discover where we hold pain, connect to our body. Use our body to release pain, and discover our vibrant energy in ways you've never thought possible.

You will learn how to,

* Communication process teaching you how to communicate effectively with everyone in your life, no matter how difficult the relationship.

* understand what your body is telling you, where you hold emotional pain in your body. How to use your body to release pain, and discover your vibrancy in ways you've never thought possible.

* How to develop deep intimacy for yourself and in your intimate relationships.

* How to live in the present moment, as children do, so you work, talk, act and feel from a vibrant, sensual, scrumptious place.

The Breakthrough meditation is a combination of Tantra, Dyad or dual meditation, hypnosis and NLP practices. It's nothing like anything you've seen before.

Perhaps you've taken a meditation class, or studied NLP, or taken yoga, delved into Tantric dance, but the combination that you experience is unique.

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