What happens when the top agent of a government organization is betrayed by one of his own?

The President of the Agency (Mr.Salvador) feels that Waldo (Joshua Jacobs) knows too many inside secrets. He leaves it up to the Asset (John Bergner) to perform an executive sanction against Waldo. However, getting rid of him is not as easy as it looks. Join Waldo (Joshua Jacobs) in his epic journey of vengeance and survival.

"The Waldo Identity" was directed by Joshua Jacobs. Starring in the short is Monica Uppal, Zack Zuccolotto, Steen Kevitt, and Eva Chaffey as Agents. Spencer Fierro, Albert, and Corey Lester as Computer Analysts. Jake Perry as Stunt Double. James Knapke on Cinematography. Andrew Lima with Costume Design.

Being an adaptation of the short film "The Waldo Ultimatum" by The Imponderables "The Waldo Identity" explores the origin of the Waldo and his elusive character.

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