Produced by Fastpitch.TV - This week Courtney Scott talks about the importance of proper footwork for catchers.

Courtney Scott is the assistant softball coach at the University of Louisville. She talks about the firm base and how important it is to stay low. Catchers need to be comfortable.

Coach Scott goes through the proper footwork to do a throw down to second. She talks about the pop and the transition is at the ear. The most important thing is that the catchers are comfortable. One of the catchers that Coach Scott works with does a pivot throw. An issue she has is that she gets too wide of a base. Catchers that are not strong there is a step through motion that could work for them. There is also a throw from your knees.

With a runner going to third make sure that you are clearing the batter by stepping behind or around the batter. Always a good idea to lead with your back foot, decreases the amount of steps that are needed.

She also talks about proper footwork to pick up a bunt, as well as blocking mechanics. is a great resource for fastpitch bats.

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