I co-wrote and created this campaign with my team at JWT Atlanta. Janusz Kaminski directed. Independent Media produced. And we even got Carla Gugino to be our announcer. This video is a broadcast spot that advertises our integrated campaign. It's about all the moments in our lives when we say, "It's real now." I'm really proud of this work.

Here's a deeper dive into the idea: There are moments when we understand that, from now on, everything will be different. It could be the birth of a child. A divorce. Starting a new job. Or realizing you're close to retirement. The moments when it get real.

This is when most people think about a company like our client, Transamerica. Because when it gets real, we have to face a new financial reality.

For Transamerica, we created over a dozen short films, each a happy, sad or candid moment in someone's life. They're appearing on TV, in display and on social media. At the center is a microsite where our audience can experience this interconnected web of stories, share them, and even contribute their own perspectives. We call it itsrealnow.com.

Through it all, they'll discover that Transamerica understands exactly what they’re facing when, suddenly, it's real now.

© 2013

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