Site/Location: US Interstate Travels
Project Type: Type: Generative Art, Video Installation, Performance, Soundscape
Video: Archived Recording

HD and Alternative Formats/Durations Are Available For Screenings Upon Request

The Step + Repeat Series are audio and video based site specific
installations, projections, performances, and soundscape projects. The
visualizations and sonifications are unique sequences made using a range
of performancebased software in which the content and documents (digital
photographs, video and audio) are fed live and manipulated in real-time.
The Trip Cycle iteration uses images, footage and ambient samples
recorded during interstate travels. The work visualizes and sonifies a
complex hertzian landscape via: radio repeaters, towers, antennae,
communications, dishes, transmissions, etc.
Original Programming, composition and editing by: rosas studio
shots by:
carlos rosas
leanna rosas
robert dansby

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