(Turn off the sound - the hissing is an artifact of the MP4box freeware I used to split the video.)
I don't have Plus so this is 720 - sorry

Natural, +1 +1 +1 +1 manual focus, everything else auto (I think - I don't know how to use the camera yet!)

I am cautiously optimistic. In this and other tests, sharpness is excellent, edge focus good, very low CA, vignetting not a problem.

I am, however, very confused by the focus settings. Continuous auto-focus hunts too much and picks the wrong target. When I try to set it up for manual focus but still have the ability to use touch-focus, the response is very erratic. Sometimes it focuses where I touch, other times it ignores me. Been reading the manual but still lost. Any suggestions most welcome!

The GH3 is NOT a run-n-gun ENG cam by any stretch of the imagination - but that is OK. I already have one of those.

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