Reflection. Perfection. Mirroring. The language of form. Bi-lateral symmetry reveals personified imagery, Nature Spirits are revealed. Faces appear, an infinity of possibilities is contained in inner structures; holographic, fractal reality is discovered underlying the entire cosmos.
What is a tree? You think a tree is just a tree? It can be seen in more ways than that. It is a body form, it is expressive, individual, it has it's own memories, history, character. Within the branches the structure contains the root-source primal patterns, the source design, the template from the inner dimension. Macro into micro and micro to macro.
Relax and let your mind open to the inner cosmic visions. Watch as the transparent, overlapping forms merge and morph and change. faces and features, mysterious beings, are they really there, or are they just in your imagination, rooted in your past, your experiences that key you to seeing them? Life is about change, nothing stays the same, it flows constantly, change itself is the only constant. The magic is in the moment and in the movement, creation expresses through transformation. Massage your mind with a creative dance of subtle imagination, let that creative attitude and energy carry you to a place of wonder and awe, truly receiving the joy and beauty of the universe.

It was January of 2012 when I made Winter Cathedral. It is the first one of my videos with the bilateral fractal like symmetry using pictures I took around here, in the Catskills, of the winter scenes, the ice in the river, the trees without their leaves, clouds. I would take a picture, flip i t and layer it over itself. then I look for the "nature spirits". sometimes I will take the colors to extremes, revealing other levels of forms. Music here is just me and my harps and singing bowls. But it is another kind of music, not adhering to the expected norms, either in terms of structure or tunings. I tune to the singing bowls, and they are tuned to spirit, being created as sacred instruments originating in another age. Most of our present bowls are more recently made, but the way of making them comes from another time, another way of hearing, another awareness of sounds.

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