This is the first official track coming from Phaser, the live band. Official Facebook Page:

The entire video is based on the metamorphosis of Carina, who undergoes a full transformation from the beginning to the end of the video. We shot it during an entire day and half of the video is composed of 3 continuous takes that needed quite some coordination in the blocking stage.

Produced by Ritma Records & Mots
Directed by Octavian Moţ
Photography: HDV Studio
Written by Daniela Nedovescu & Teodora Mihălcioiu
Editor & post-production: Andreea Miclăuş

Special guests: Kamelia Hora, George Hora, Anastasia Sandu, Vali Florea, Florin Pop-Magda

Executive producers: Daniela Nedovescu, Octavian Moţ & Tinu Vidaicu
Production assistants: Teodora Mihălcioiu, Andreea Miclăuş, Sorin Trif
Storyboard designer: Sorin Trif
Lights, grip & electrical: HDV Studio
Light effects: Justin Nandor, Dragoş Vladu

Styling (Carina): Diana Bobar
Styling (band): Sofia Afrenie
Hair styling: Anca Gogance
Makeup: Adriana Unguraş
Documentary & making of: Cristian Miclăuş & Teodora Mihălcioiu

Extras: Simina Ardelean, Radu Carnaru, Daniel Călin, Raul Cislariu, Patricia Diaconu, Andrei Dracea, Mihaela Elena, Izabela Feher, Andrei Forte, Emilian Fuicu, Oana Fuicu, Ionuţ Grigoroşcuţă, Manuela Huja, Tania Lațici, Bianca Panţiru, Romina Pasculovici, Diana Popescu, Georgia Pui, Iulia Șchiopu & Nix.

Special thanks to: Scottish Pub, Mono Shoes, Gio Studio, Zai

© 2013, Ritma Records.

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