an + 1 = an + ω

By using a minimum of frames from a typical American drama of the 1950’s, “closed circuit” produces a new form of internal narration, by augmenting a small event into a continuous palindrome between the resolution and the drama’s oblivion. Having as a starting stand point of the artistic process a simple geometric progression, the filmic material self generates into a closed body of images, where it’s continuous repetition, produces a new type of linear narrative along with an abstract view on the basics of storytelling. Gradually the content of the visual events become insignificant, since it’s the process itself that generates any contextual meaning.

Original footage:Damned don’t cry (1950), directed by Vincent Sherman,Warner bros pictures

A film by Grigoris Panopoulos

2009, Moving Image 01, Mihalis Cacoyiannis foundation

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